In The Saddle With Jason Shelly

In The Saddle With Jason Shelly

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We love hearing stories of how you experience life in Old Gringos, so we decided to start a profile series, In the Saddle.

In the Saddle will highlight a day in the life of a real people wearing Old Gringo Boots and will share anecdotes, style tips, recipes and more. 

First up is Jason Shelley, Mixologist and Tavern Manager for TX Whiskey in Fort Worth, Texas. We caught up with Jason over a cocktail with a kick and he took us on a tour of the famed Whiskey Ranch. But not only does Jason have great taste in Whiskey as TX’s resident mixologist, he also has excellent taste in boots.

“I’m really loving the Trucker Boots. I think the style is fantastic and I can work in them.” 

- Jason Shelly, Mixologist 

Shelly helps craft incredible Whiskey and Bourbon in his Trucker boots and has walked many miles in them on the grounds of Whiskey Ranch. We think the Trucker is the perfect modern western addition to any man’s wardrobe.

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Saddle up with this signature Old Gringo TX Whiskey Cocktail Recipe from Jason Shelly


The Saddle Up


2 oz TX Whiskey 

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

.75 oz Agave Nectar

Jalapeño muddled



1. Start by muddling a slice of jalapeño in lime juice and Agave Nectar.

2. Add TX Whiskey and ice. Shake.

3. Strain into glass with fresh crushed ice with a jalapeño.

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Classy Boots

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