In The Saddle with Edward Brown

In The Saddle with Edward Brown

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In the Saddle // Edward Brown

Today, we're in the saddle with Edward Brown, a journalist, community advocate and pianist.


We followed Edward on assignment in Fort Worth, Texas in the historic stockyards. Edward shared cowboys & culture and walked us through some exciting new developments in the colorful entertainment district. He also shared his love for our new men’s collection for #SS21! 


There's nothing you can't do in a good pair of boots. I'm really enjoying the Budd, because I can hit the pavement in them or dress them up and enjoy a night out on the town

— Edward Brown


Brown is definitely a man about town and it was fun to experience a day in his life.
We think the Budd is classy & durable; perfect for a guy on the go.

Old Gringo Men's


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